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Don't Step On The Crack is a 2D animation by Robyn Liebschner, depicting a day in the life of a disgruntled bogeyman, waiting hopefully for a child to step on a crack in the pavement.

The client requested that I use music in place of sound design - in other words, she wanted me to sync little musical flourishes, stabs and motifs with events in the film, instead of using foley sound effects, so that the music would actually drive the narrative. This is a technique used in Tom & Jerry and other classic cartoon series, so it was an appropriate choice for a wordless piece like this. 

I used a squelching bass guitar tone to characterise the viscous-bodied bogeyman, a whistling piccolo for the bird, and various other percussion and strings for the passers by - and a fair number of plonks and clicks to bring out the comedy.

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