A bespoke soundtrack is yours, and no-one else's. Library music is exactly that - from a library, available to all. There's every possibility that the perfect royalty-free library track has been used a hundred times before, and could easily end up having awful connotations - it might become the infamous soundtrack to an advert everyone hates!


Whether you're after a catchy theme tune, a thoughtful documentary underscore or a comic song for a special event, I can offer you music tailored specifically to your project. Your bespoke soundtrack will be part of your brand, perfectly personalised to your directions.


As well as working with music and sound, I am also an actor and occasional comedian. I've appeared onscreen alongside Jude Law, Stephen Fry and Jennifer Ehle, as well as playing a young Brian Blessed (one of the stranger gigs I've had).


I have taken four original multi-character shows to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, was a finalist in the 2014 Musical Comedy Awards, and won a 2015 Malcolm Hardee Award for my one-man film music parody show, Cinemusical. I have a warm RP speaking voice, and a range of experience in commercial voiceovers, as well as cartoon characters and celebrity impressions.

I can do a mean Ian McKellan.

Sound Design

Sound design brings depth, immersion and a three-dimensional quality to any film, event installation or theatre production, and works alongside music to help your project come to life.


I was nominated for a PSN Europe ProSound Award for my work on 1927's critically-lauded Golem at the Young Vic Theatre, and subsequently Trafalgar Studios in London's West End.


I have also created sound design for brands such as Multiplex, Sipsmith and the V&A Museum.